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Italy is to Epic Metal as Gothenburg is to melodeath… something about the place just invites bands to be ridiculous, cheesy, and really good at being both ridiculous and cheesy. So since I’m on something of an Epic Metal kick lately — and Kamelot didn’t quite scratch that itch + the new Raintime seems likes it’s gonna blow fatty chunks — I’m really digging DGM, an epic metal band sent in by MS reader Max Dohmeyer who are, naturally, from Italy.

If we wanna get really technical and ridiculous about micro-genres here I guess you could classify DGM as progressive epic metal. If you’ve made it this far into the article you know damn well what that means so I’m not going to bother explaining. You’re either gonna dig it or ya ain’t… no in-betweens.

DGM have a new record called FrAme (oy, enough with the cApiTaLiZatiOn gimmick… what is this, 1995?) that’s in stores now, though your local Best Buy isn’t very likely to have it. Check out the new video for “Hereafter” from that album below, then check out a few more tracks on their MySpace page (where you can purchase the album as well).

Some day I’m going to visit Italy and do nothing but eat olives and sopresata, drink red wine and listen to tons of epic fucking metal.


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