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DID HORSE THE BAND MAKE A WICKED DECISION?Well, here’s a story that caught me pretty off-guard. From The PRP:

“Los Angeles based NINTENDOCORE pioneers HORSE the band have decided to change their name a decade into their career.

Singer Nathan Winneke says, ‘After touring Africa for the last two weeks we have had some profound experiences and decided we wanted a name that better expressed how we feel inside. We felt that it was time for our name to start expressing genuine emotion. We felt for too long we have let people criticize us for our name alone and its abstraction. It has become clear to us after 10 years. Our new name is Wicked Decision. We want people to know we are serious about our music.’”

Okay, so that strikes me as a dumb, uh, decision. You just spent a decade building up your brand, everyone knows you by one name, and now you’re gonna change it? And even if you were gonna change it… Wicked Decision? Seriously? Didn’t I watch that on Skinamax when I was a kid? And aren’t you afraid of being confused with that awful band Will Smith’s wife was in? And what the fucking fuck, dudes?

But here’s the twist: I haven’t seen this story reported anywhere else, I haven’t gotten a press release, and there’s no mention of it on HTB’s official website or MySpace page. So, uh… anyone know if this is just a really late April Fool’s joke or what the sitch is?


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