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national sunday law - the fifth apeA long, long while ago, “Blogronaut” Sacha Dunable shared his favorite unsigned bands with us and mentioned a Los Angeles band called National Sunday Law. Sacha, being the aspiring Metallica ghost-writer that he is, wouldn’t lead us astray — National Sunday Law are a fierce sludgy, doomy, proggy duo who make noise like there are twice the amount of dudes in the band than there actually are. Their mix of technicality and sludge/doom reminds me of Intronaut in certain ways — I see why Sacha took a liking to them — but by no means are they aping Sacha’s style.

National Sunday Law are giving away their 4-track EP for free on their Bandcamp page — no reason you shouldn’t at least give it a shot. Intronaut bass wizard Joe Lester lent his skilled hand to the bass tracks on the EP. If you like what you hear but have a jones for that physical disc, hard copies will soon be available here. You can also buy their full length CD and T-shirts.

If you’re digging National Sunday Law you might also dig Knut, a Switzerland-based doomy post-hardcore band cut from the same cloth.


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