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  • Gary Suarez

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTLast year, my esteemed colleagues Vince Neilstein and Van Arseface covered the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival for this site, resulting in a plethora of posts about their experience and the bands. Pretty good stuff, I’d say. For the 2010 Worcester, MA event, I volunteered to be the official correspondent in my capacity as the resident “hardcore expert” (not to be confused with the resident “hardcore sexpert). With big names like Cro Mags and Disembodied playing the second stage, how could I not?

So, yeah, throughout the weekend, you can follow all of my witty, ascerbic livetweets here (that is, if you have a Twitter account and a major credit card). Show reports will appear here on MetalSucks next week, with some interviews with select bands following in the subsequent weeks (because monkeys can only transcribe so fast). To answer your lingering questions:

  • Yes, I will be covering the metal bands as well as the hardcore bands. How could I pass up the opportunity to see Mastodon play the exact same Crack The Skye set they’ve been playing for, like, the past year?
  • Yes, I will utilize ambush/gonzo/guerilla journalism tactics to bring you TOTAL COVERAGE of this two-day event.
  • Yes, I will answer all of your burning questions! Does Amon Amarth wear Wonder Woman underoos? How bad does Valient Thorr smell? Will Swashbuckle stick around for Rose Funeral’s set? ALL WILL BE REVEALED!
  • No, I promise not to “troll” you guys–whatever that means!
  • Set times for the bands can be found here.


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