A couple of weeks ago the newly-reunited Soundgarden played their first show in almost thirteen years in Seattle under the name “Nudedragons” (which, in case reading and thinking aren’t your kind of thing, is all the letters from “Soundgarden” re-arranged). Needless to say, a lot of bootleg footage from the gig surfaced within hours of its completion, but we never posted any ’cause… well, I really don’t know why. I can’t even think of a bullshit excuse. We just didn’t, okay?

But last night reader Keith Brown e-mailed me the below link to pro-shot footage of the concert with the simple message that you see in the headline (Keith advises that you imagine those words being said “in a fanboy squeak”). And he’s not wrong. Hey, I’d love to catch a Soundgarden reunion show, even if I question Cornell’s reasons for getting involved


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