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OH MY FUCKING GOD, THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD BANDS PUTTING OUT NEW MUSIC IN THE COMING MONTHS. This is beyond an “embarrassment of riches;” we’re really just about at the saturation point of “an annoying over-abundance of good music.” How the fucking fuck is one person ever supposed to listen to all this shit and actually have time to digest it properly? If I cut eating, bathing, sleeping, grooming, reading, writing, watching TV, going to the movies, acknowledging my family and friends, feeding or in any way taking care of my dog, or doing anything that involves walking away from my stereo out of my schedule, I might have enough time to listen to everything. The amount of “you might dig this” e-mails from Vince alone are overwhelming, and that’s not counting all the shit labels, bands, and you guys send me. Hol-ee crap.

So, the latest advance album I have had absolutely no time to actually listen to is House with a Curse, the latest from Coliseum. But Stereogum is giving away a download of a new song off the album, “Blind in One Eye.” So maybe you guys can listen to it and tell me what I’m missing. In the meantime, I’m gonna go whine some more and then stab myself in the ears.

Download “Blind in One Eye” here. House with a Curse comes out June 22 on Temporary Residence.


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