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bill kelliherGood news, everyone; after being forced to cancel one show and skip another (possibly more?) — at which Baroness’ two guitarists filled in — hospitalized Mastodon guitarist and mustache king Bill Kelliher is back performing with the band on their current U.S. tour with Baroness, Between the Buried and Me and Valient Thorr. Reader Brett S. reported that Kelliher performed with the band Tuesday night in Tucson (though his pot-addled brain couldn’t remember Bill’s name) while uber longtime caller Ryd1ZZ reported the same in San Diego last night. So all appears to be well with Bill… or, at least he’s well enough to perform. Though my ultimate dream of watching guitarists from Baroness, Between the Buried and Me and Valient Thorr fill in for a full set of Mastodon tunes will not come to fruition, I think we can all agree that this is great news.

No official word has been released yet as to why Kelliher was hospitalized in the first place. I’ve heard rumors including conditions as severe as pancreatitis and diabetes, and of course there’s always the old “partied to hard” speculation, but the latter seems unlikely to cause a three-day hospital visit. Whatever the case, if Bill wanted to the world to know, we’d know; so I guess we gotta respect his privacy. Glad to have you healthy and back, Bill.


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