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UPDATE: The Deciblog has confirmed that the Cynic tour mentioned below is, in fact, the previously announced Decibel Hall of Fame Tour (even though Cynic are the only band on the tour to be honored in Decibel’s revered HoF). Cynic will be playing their entire classic album Focus on this trek. Check out a full list of tour dates and a nifty admat over at The Deciblog!

We really like our nerdy prog tours here at the MS Mansion; first it was the Meshuggah + Cynic + Faceless tour in February of 2009 which we dubbed “The Erection Tour” when it was announced, questioned whether it might be the best tour ever, then argued over which band gave the best performance. Then at the end of the year Between the Buried and Me announced they’d do an early 2010 run with Cynic, Devin Townsend Project and Scale the Summit; we immediately dubbed this “The Super-Orgasm Tour” and waxed ecstatic about it so much that we probably made those of you who aren’t into to prog metal (can you imagine such a thing???) sick of reading about it.

Get ready to become sick of us raving in anticipation of two more uber-proggy metal tours on the horizon, ’cause shit’s about to get real, son.

First, The PRP is reporting that two dates “have slipped out” for a Cynic-headlined Summer tour with Intronaut and Dysrhythmia in tow. No source is given, but the article lists a July 30th date in Minnesota and an August 5th date in Allston, MA, meaning any potential tour would have exactly a week to connect the dots from MN to MA which sounds just about right time-wise. Yowza! — between the Gorguts resurrection, Krallice’s ongoing touring schedule and this, Colin Marston is one busy fucking dude. No word yet as to whether this tour would be the rumored Decibel Hall of Fame Tour — on which Cynic were officially announced — but I’d wager that the presence of two non-HoF bands would indicate that this is something else.

Secondly, according to their official newsletter, The Ocean are scheduled to come to the U.S. in November; an anonymous source tells us that this will be in a support role while the band plans to return in a headline capacity in early 2011. Since dates haven’t been announced yet, these tours should be treated as speculative; plans often change when bands from abroad attempt to cross the stingy borders of the U.S. Of course, those of you in Europe can catch the band fairly easily all over the continent throughout May, June and July. Lucky bastards.

If you need us, we’ll be the nerdy jews fapping in the corner.


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