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We’ve gotten a number of emails over the years about Australian heavy drum and bass group Pendulum arguing that they’re “metal,” or at the very least worth seeing live. And having finally seen the band live in New York last Summer I can say with certainty that both things are true. Though they’re a drum and bass band at heart, they are definitely a band — as in, lotsa guys up there on stage playing the music live as opposed to just a DJ and an MC or something — and they certainly incorporate elements of metal into their explosive, mind-blowing live show. They also covered “Master of Puppets,” a nod to their metal roots.

In the run-up to the new Pendulum record Immersion we’ve gotten a ton of emails that the record contains a a collabo with In Flames. In the metal world, seeing a “featuring” credit in a song-title is pretty rare — and yeah, In Flames recent output hasn’t been all that — but still, I was more than a little curious to hear this collaboration. Until now we’ve only gotten to see crappy live footage or we’ve been sent dead links, but finally, here it is: “Self vs. Self.” And it sounds more or less exactly like you’d expect — an In Flames song in all its dual-lead guitar harmony and Anders screaming glory — on top of a mild drum and bass backdrop. It’s pretty cool, and though I’m sure the rest of Immersion sounds nothing like this I’m still interested in checking it out.


Thanks: Raezzer

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