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  • Axl Rosenberg

The slogan on the MySpace page for Relapse’s latest sign, Richmond’s Cough, reads “Get to drinkin’,” but I would have assumed these dudes were big smokers, not big drinkers. Granted, I have no actual basis for this accusation, but let’s look at the facts:

  • I’d wager that more time is spent coughing from smoking than from drinking, even if the strength of certain drinks might induce a quick clearing of the throat.
  • The band’s music is slower than Rue McClanahan.
  • This truly righteous poster:


Not only did that clearly come from the mind of some stoned nerd, but the band’s name is ensconced in a cloud of smoke. I mean, come ON!

ANYWAY, none of this is really relevant. The band seems pretty cool, and drunk or high, I’d be curious to check them out live – I bet they’re as heavy as a post-Thanksgiving dinner dump. They’re working on a new full-legnth, Ritual Abuse, with the great Sanford Parker, which Relapse expects to release in the fall. It seems highly unlikely that it won’t at least be an interesting listen. Check out Cough here.


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