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oranssi pazuzuIf 2006 Vince Neilstein could glimpse into the future to see 2010 Vince Neilstein’s playlist, he’d be shocked and mortified at the amount of black metal therein. But what can I say? There’s so much great black metal making the rounds right now, and so much of it is unsigned. Here are three recent reader submissions deserving of your attention.

  • Deafheaven: Psychedelic black metal in the vein of Woe, Amesoeurs, and even a bit of Wolves in the Throne Room (but with better production). Digging the four songs they’ve got posted at their Soundcloud page. I could really get behind a full album of this if all the songs were as good as these, as opposed to a band like Krallice whose albums I find boring but I dig live. [George C]
  • Skagos: Way more raw and less epic than the above… more akin to early Nachtmystium or something like that. This is the kind of black metal I’d want on my iPod if I were to be alone in the woods for any extended period of time. But that might just frighten me. [Travis D]
  • Oranssi Pazuzu: Says diehard Suckalo Alex P, “A quick site search has revealed that the only mention that Finnish psychonauts Oranssi Pazuzu have received on your website is a 15th best album of 2009 mention from the dashing Satan Rosenbloom. I recognize that you may not have agreed with him, but it’s also possible that you’ve never read that post, and are thus unaware of the band that should be the soundtrack to your drug trips. Thus, here’s a couple songs, and a myspace. Enjoy.” Agreed on all counts, Alex. Thanks!


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