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  • Axl Rosenberg

Even though “wormwood” just sounds like the name of a death metal band, it’s actually a type of plant that they used to put into absinthe; it’s what gave that drink (which, if you’ve never had any, will fuck you up right proper even if it doesn’t have wormwood in it, because it has a RIDICULOUS amount of alcohol by volume) its hallucinatory properties and made it an alleged creative enabler of everyone from Toulouse-Lautrec to Hemingway to Marilyn Manson (who claims to grow his own wormwood for just that purpose). It’s also a star (or possibly an angel – there seems to be some debate) referenced in the New Testament.

Why am I telling you this? Because, in the below video, The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett announces Wormwood as the title of the band’s new album, but declines to give any further explanation. So is the band making reference to a fallen star, or to a plant that will make you see Underwear Gnomes n’ shit? Until we get to hear Mr. Bennett’s lyrics for the new album, we probably won’t know – and even then, the subject may be open to debate. Still, this is MetalSucks, so everyone should feel free to speculate.

Bennett also unveils the album’s cover art in this video. Check it out:

Wormwood comes out July 20 on Prosthetic.


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