• Axl Rosenberg

When we first heard about Diamondsnake, Moby’s new metal band with Dave “King of Metal” Hill and some other dudes, I had some questions about how they would walk that very line between actually-funny joke metal band (e.g., Gwar, Dethklok, etc.), and just-plain-stupid joke metal band.

And now that they’ve released a video, for the song “Storm the Fucking Kastle,” the answer has become apparent: they’re not going to walk that line. They are going to be very firmly on the side of just-plain-stupid joke metal band.

This video plays like the kind of thing you make with some friends for fun – but just because it makes you and your buddies laugh doesn’t mean it will do anything for the outside world. (I kinda suspect this is how SNL is written these days, too – I’m sure the “What Up with That” sketches seem hilarious in the writers’ room, but they’re really just tedious and dumb.) All the jokes here are obvious and consequently unfunny; it’s almost bordering on the level of a band like The Darkness, where I’m not even sure that people involved have any genuine affection for metal. In fact, if not for Hill’s presence, I’d say they don’t have any genuine affection for metal.

Check out the clip below, then agree or disagree with me in the comments section.


[via Metal Insider]

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