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Only 10 days ago I expressed my wish that The Haunted frontman Peter Dolving would resume writing his intellectually stimulating / Internet flame war-starting MySpace blogs; and lo and behold, this morning I awoke to a new blog entry in my RSS readers simply titled “On Religion.”

Dolving on religion… yup, I knew this was gonna be a good one before I even read it. And big shocker, Dolving thinks religion is bunk and suggests those who follow it be committed for mental illness. But ever the positive thinker, Dolving also offers reason, logic, and some theories of his own. Rarely have I ever read someone’s thoughts on religion that so closely resemble my own:

However I have a question and a thought; When Life in itself is so perfectly chaotic and out of our hands, why not just enjoy the ride?

The wondrous random glory and enchanting playful harmony; Improbable, yet most observable sweetness of this universe is astonishing beyond words. So why soil it with such trite gibberish as religious ritual, faith-based law or even the utterly ridiculous and pathological humbug that is religion. Any religion. At all.

I believe powerlessness, fear, and sorrow is the reason for man’s weird makebelieve psychosis.

Written by the hand of a skilled lyricist in prose that perfectly captures the issues at hand. Of course, if you disagree you could always just ask ICP what they think about scientists and magnets.

As if you needed an invitation… comment with your thoughts below. The Haunted’s Road Kill DVD is out now; we’re streaming a clip from it here and giving away a copy here.


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