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As part of our sponsorship of the No Mercy Metal showcases here in NYC — the inaugural show of which was held May 27th at Crash Mansion — we’ll be highlighting one band from each show here on MetalSucks in an effort to bring the best of the piping hot NYC metal scene to the rest of the world. Though I wasn’t able to attend the May 27th show I’ve had the good fortune of catching one of the showcasing bands before, Queens experimental metallers Resolution15, who as Metal Injection‘s Frank Godla puts it are “a unique and equally dynamic band that is sure to raise your brow.”

Resolution15 substitute two guitar players for two violin players, but unlike most metal bands who employ the services of instruments played with bows Resolution15 aren’t folk metal, they aren’t overtly classical sounding, and they most certainly don’t use their chosen instruments as a cheap gimmick. Instead the two violinists bring a constant barrage of heavy riffs that would give most guitar-driven bands a run for their money in the brutal department, and when combined with a touch of technicality from the rest of the band, Resolution15 bring something truly riveting to the table. They’re the kind of band that instantly turns the heads of the old, jaded metalheads hanging back at the bar… what… is…. this?… wow!


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