A true story that many of you will probably find amusing: I had no idea what a short bus was until I left New York City for college. We don’t really have a school bus system in New York because everyone was pretty much on their own to figure out how to get to school; you took the subway, the public bus, both, or you walked. Uphill both ways in 2 feet of snow, just like grandpappy. Thinking back on it now, we did have a short bus for the special ed kids in high school (and of course we made fun of them mercilessly… like that kid who always pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles at the urinal in the boys room) but I don’t think any of us knew to call it a short bus. It wasn’t until I got to college in Michigan and one of my friends was joking about the “tard car” that it all came together for me.

Anyway, credit where credit’s due: this is brilliant. This or The Apocalypse‘s guitarist put his woodworking and carpentry skills to work by motivating the entire band to convert an old short bus into a tour bus, complete with bunks, tables and benches. And they did a damn fine job. Check out the montage of them retro-fitting their short bus courtesy Metal Injection.


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