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So Ozzy Osbourne’s memoir, I Am Ozzy, may soon get the big screen treatment, and with that news, of course, comes the inevitable casting speculations. Robert Downey, Jr.’s name has already been bandied about by people who will have absolutely no say in the casting process; now the latest rumor to spread across the interwebs like an STD is that Colin Farrell’s name has been thrown into the hat. From Cinematical:

According to, Paramount and MTV Films’ execs have revealed that the notorious Irish actor would be their top choice to play the hard-partying wild man of heavy metal. One source offered up the following justification, “Colin drinks, he smokes, he womanizes. He’s just a sleeve tattoo away from being a real rock star.”

Farrell is oft-maligned, but the truth is, like a lot of Hollywood movie stars, he’s bascially as good as his material; see him in Daredevil and you’re likely to wish he and Ben Affleck would just kill each other, but see him in In Bruges and he’s actually quite good. And they make a good point about him already having the drinking/drugging/generally acting like an arsehole part down.

But of course this all rumor, and really doesn’t mean jack shit. Apparently Sharon Osbourne has dreams of Johnny Depp playing the part, and Ozzy wants an actor from Birmingham. Since there are currently no movie stars from Birmingham and there’s fucking way Paramount is greenlighting this fucker with an unknown in the lead. Nope. Not gonna happen. Sorry. Superhero movies can get made with an unknown in the lead ’cause the costume is the star; rock biopics need a Jamie Foxx, or, more likely in this instance given Sharon’s presence in the story, a Phoenix/Witherspoon combo.

And that’s if the flick even gets made at all: lest we forget, Paramount and MTV Films already dropped the ball on a movie version of The Dirt. Of course, in that instance, the script sucked… not that that’s ever stopped Hollywood before. I guess the general point of my post is this: they’re not making a movie until the trucks show up on the first day, and no one should get their panties in a bunch just yet.


[via Metal Insider]

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