You may remember MS reader Shane Gillis as the man who won our Behemoth Vocal Cover Contest a few months back. Check out what Shane had to say when he entered the contest with regards to the extreme measures he took to shoot the video:

Just became a first time father on December 28th. I was so obsessed with this contest that I filmed my wife two days before she had the baby so that I could get video of her pregnant, and then later handing my son to me (just like in the Behemoth video). That takes dedication folks! I worked very hard to make this different than all the others I’ve seen. I wanted to give you something extra, especially during the parts where there are no vocals. I spent many hours on this, so I hope you find it worthy of this amazing contest.

For his troubles, Shane took him an awesome guitar that some day he’ll hopefully give to the son that helped him win it. But why are we even bringing this up again all these months later? Well, here’s Shane with his son… 6 months later… and already getting the next generation of MS Maniacs on the right track. Says Shane, “I know. I know. But you guys are like family.” Cheers, Shane, you too (awwwwww!). We really gotta make MetalSucks t-shirts in baby sizes.


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