What the...??



Did you know that Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor has a Facebook page? And that he’ll accept virtually anyone as his friend? And that he’s really, really bummed about the recent line-up change in Mutiny Within?

So, uh, like, Corey’s on tour in Europe right now with Stone Sour, and his bandmate and very good friend recently passed away, but he’s concerned about who’s playing drums for Mutiny Within? Why? ‘Cause he’s never seen bands change members before? ‘Cause they’re his labelmates? Or is he just a really big MW fan?

Or could it be because there is no fucking way that this is actually Corey Taylor?

Unfortunately, a lot of people do seem to believe that this is Taylor — as of this writing, “Corey” has 547 friends, including some industry professionals, like Roadrunner A&R guru Monte Connor. (I’m not judging anyone for friending “Corey,” by the way — up until this MW nonsense, it might have seemed perfectly reasonable that it was Corey.) Meanwhile, the real Corey Taylor is hiding in plain sight.

But now MW vocalist Chris Clancy has (rightfully) called “bullshit” on this alleged fucker of slit throats:

So with more and more people starting to notice that is pretty clearly a lie, hopefully this douchebag will go away soon. In the meantime, don’t be fooled.

And to whomever it is running this scam, all I can say is… Seriously? Sad, man.


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