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Despite having like 10,000 releases over the past 20 years I’m not sure if I’ve ever listened to an Angra song. But their new track “Arising Thunder” seemed as good an excuse as any to check these Brazilians out, and wouldn’t you know, they’re the kind of epic metal I hate to love.

Despite modern production, Angra seem to live  in the cheesy, up-beat corner of the power metal universe as opposed to the big, bombastic epic metal crossroads which has been dominating the sphere of late. In other words, they’re more Rhapsody of Fire, less Mercenary. But that’s ok; they still bring plenty of delicious guitar harmonies, soaring vocals, a scorching solo, a big, climactic chorus, and presumably silly lyrics… ya know, the reasons we listen to this music in the first place. And of course it’s all well done; you don’t exactly get to be in an epic metal band if you’re a slouch.

Check out “Arising Thunder” on Angra’s MySpace from the new album Aqua, out September 29th via SPV/Steamhammer.


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