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  • Axl Rosenberg


The good news is, Kataklysm have unleashed a new track, “Determined (Vows of Vengence),” upon the world, and it’s our first chance to hear anything off of Heaven’s Venom, the band’s new album. The bad news is, either my computer is fucked, or my internet is fucked, or Kataklysm’s MySpace page is fucked, ’cause I can’t actually get the player to load. So I can’t say anything about the track — it could be an acoustic rap ballad for all I know. I mean, I doubt it. But I’m just saying.

Still, I like Kataklysm, so I thought it was more important that I tell you all the song is streaming, rather than just worry about my own selfish enjoyment. Listen to it here, then describe it for me in the comments.

Heaven’s Venom comes out August 13 in Europe and August 24 in North America via Nuclear Blast.


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