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Vince got to check out NYC doomsters Moth Eater live last year, and he had nothing but excellent things to say about the show, calling the band “a wicked brew of southern soul and northern fury” that “combines sludgy, doom riffs with a Clutch-y blues rawk vibe and heavy, bellowed hardcore vocals.” And if that doesn’t immediately make you wanna check ’em out, then I don’t think we can be pals.

Of course, you could give Moth Eater a listen on their MySpace page — but you could also head over to LoudTrax, who not only have an interview with vocalist John Alaia and bassist (and author of the upcoming metal-themed cookbook Mosh Potatoes) Steve “Buckshot” Seabury, but are giving away a FREE mp3 of “Aftermath,” a track off of ME’s new four-song EP, The Thunder God of Monster Island. Which, it’s worth mentioning, is a friggin’ awesome name for a record.

Go here to read the interview and download the track — it crushes. Or, you can just take our word for it that this band rips and download the entire EP; it’ll cost you a whopping four bucks, and it’s totally worth it.


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