Tour de Force




[UPDATE: Dates have now been posted at Stereogum!]

Feels like we’ve been waiting forever for a Nachtmystium headline tour; in my recollection there wasn’t one for the Assassins: Black Meddle Part I album cycle, and as you all [should] know Blake Judd and the crew have released another excellent album since then. Maybe there was a headline run for Assassins but I couldn’t go or something… which makes this new opportunity even sweeter.

The above tour poster came from MS reader Zodiac Lung at a very early hour this morning. We’re not sure how he found it or why he was up so freakin’ early (or late?) searching the Interhole, but I think it’s safe to assume that the existence of a tour poster verifies a rumor’s legitimacy.

Dark Castle are a cool band I’ve yet to see live (I enjoyed the intricate doom of last year’s Spirited Migration), I’ve caught the Atlas Moth a couple of times recently and they’ve been really good, and we all know how I feel about Zoroaster (though Axl seemed to like ’em just fine and I’ll certainly give them another chance)… but let’s be honest, we’ve been waiting so long for this that the night is going to be all about Nachtmystium. Hopefully the exposure granted them by the release of Addicts: Black Meddle Part II has elevated them to the level where they’ll be able to play proper venues and make a production out of it with lights, a backdrop, scrims etc., because their music definitely warrants it. And hopefully they’ve been able to work out the kinks since last time.



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