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Has it really been over three years since Machine Head released their landmark return-to-form The Blackening? It has, and thanks to Machine Head’s non-stop 3-year tour in support of it, it feels like people are still buzzing about how good it was. I spoke with Rob Flynn back in December of ’09 and he told me the touring was going to continue rolling on; finally, in the summer of 2010, the band’s touring cycle for The Blackening is over and all the guys have returned home for some much needed rest.

In Flynn’s case, returning home actually meant packing up his stuff in boxes and hauling it all out to his new abode in Martinez, CA. What inevitably happens with any big move is that you end up unearthing boxes full of old shit you’d long since forgotten about. But unlike those love letters from your high school girlfriend you’ve still got tucked away for some stupid reason, the contents of Robb Flynn’s memento boxes are actually of interest to the public, and lucky for you he’s scanned and uploaded a whole bunch of memorabilia from Machine Head’s early days and posted them to the Machine Head blog. Hand-written lyric sheets, really old photos, flyers (one of a gig opening for Rancid, one of a European headline tour with Meshuggah opening!), ticket stubs, rejected album covers of Burn My Eyes… tons of really cool shit. Check it out — it’s highly worth 2 minutes of your time.


Thanks: Lewis Clark

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