Rampant Rumors




We’ve been super-duper-uper excited for the new EP that French tech metallers Gorod have been promising would be released this year. So excited that we’ve even been posting studio vids of the guys laying down their tracks, which is something we don’t often do… but the tunes sounded so killer we couldn’t resist.

But now all that is in jeopardy. According to SMN News, Gorod posted a note (in French) on their official forum on June 25th stating that frontman Guillaume Martino and guitarist Arnaud Pontaco have left the band. Ruh roh. The timing strikes us as especially odd since we’ve already seen footage of the band recording the EP (albeit we haven’t seen vocal tracks being laid down). Far be it from us to recklessly speculate — ah, who are we kidding, of course we’re gonna recklessly speculate — but this doesn’t exactly strike me as the kind of split that was amicable. Someone wasn’t getting along with someone else and sides were taken, or someone fucked someone’s girlfriend or punched the other dude in the nuts; in other words, something very bad happened.

It’s worth noting though that the announcement actually came almost two weeks before Gorod posted their last studio video, so presumably the remaining members are still pushing ahead. I don’t know enough about the inner-workings of Gorod to say whether the two men who left were important members to the band’s sound, but we can only hope they get this situation figured out soon. We need to hear that new EP!


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