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gifts from enolaYou guys really seem to dig East of the Wall whenever we post about them which makes me very happy, because that band is awesome. Ressentiment is quickly working its way up my list of favorite albums released so far in 2010.

So with that band in mind, I present to you two other fantastic bands cut from the same cloth that I’ve been meaning to write about for some time:

  • Gifts From Enola: Atmospheric guitar soundscapes ala Moving Mountains, Constants, Junius or even Jupiter-era Cave In atop a thundering platform of fuzzed-out bass and driving drums. These Harrisonburg, VA gents play dense, complex music that’s surprisingly easy to listen to… just sit back and let the beauteous sounds wash over you. Their self-titled debut is out now.
  • Nero Order: More on the weird/dissonant tip than Gifts From Enola, but definitely channeling some of the same influences for a slightly darker, doomier sound that’s just as much fun to listen to. Whereas the former’s soundscapes wash over you, Nero Order’s atmospherics pull you into the riptide and sweep you away.


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