Any readers of MetalSucks that have been milling around here for at least the past year or so should know we love a good burger from time to time, particularly when it comes to the web’s premiere burger aficionado Burger Conquest. When combined with metal, we think burgers are just dandy — see our past “Burger Conquests” with the dudes from Shadows Fall and Mookie from Genghis Tron (who combined burgers and metal with a third love of Vince’s, The Mets). And with the three episodes released so far of our new metal-themed cooking show Cooking Contaminated, it shouldn’t be any surprise that we love good food.

With the commencement of this year’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Burger Conquest proprietor The Rev sees an opportunity to invent another of his delicious burger concoctions. Three patties of meat along with handmade fresh mosh-erella cheese, ground black pepper, crispy onions, and bacon… call it the Mayhem Burger. Sounds de-fucking-licious. Watch The Rev explain the recipe below, although you’ll have to sit through a cringe-worthy minute of live Korn footage first (or just skip to 1:20).


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