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When I was a wee high school youth runnin’ ’round the streets of NYC my band at the time used to often share the stage with a band called The New Mexikans whose incredible guitarist Gabriel Marin you see shredding faces above. The other day I was convinced I saw Marin playing guitar for NYC  progressive post-metallers Wetnurse at their Union Pool show with Salome and Landmine Marathon, and though it ended up just being an equally skilled dude that looks just like Marin, I got to thinking… what ever became of that guy? He’s the kind of player that was so skilled at such a young age that I wouldn’t’ve been surprised if he ended up being one of those guys who gave up guitar completely later on in life because there was simply nothing left to accomplish with it.

Thankfully that’s not the case, as a quick Google search yielded a ton of results of his current squeeze Consider the Source. It figures that Marin would be involved with something as cerebral, progressive and fucking OUT THERE as this — and I mean that in the best way. Fretless guitar? Jazzy breaks? Oh lordee. Consider the Source create some real deal music dork shit, aka the kind of music I love. The drummer and bass player are phenomenal musicians too. I’ve gotta get out to see these guys live some time very, very soon.


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