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  • Axl Rosenberg

A very intelligent friend of mine tells me I’m wrong to write off Lady Gaga as the latest pop culture idiot I don’t really need to pay attention to; she “has a vision,” he tells me, and even if I don’t like that vision, he asserts, I have to respect it. And pretty much every metal girl I’m friends with went to her show at Madison Square Garden last month.

But I hate the Lady Gaga songs I’ve heard, and when I saw her on Saturday Night Live, she clearly hadn’t tested her ostentatious costume before the show, because it turned out to be so unwieldy that not only did she keep hitting herself in the head with the damn thing, but she couldn’t sit down at the piano to perform. And to me, when your costume is such a pain in the ass that you can’t do your job properly, guess what? Your “vision” values style over substance, and doesn’t deserve my respect.

And this video, of her dancing to “Metal Militia” at Lollapalooza this past weekend, doesn’t do much to change my mind. I’m sure someone will argue that I’m just being pissy because a non-metal person is using metal, but that’s not my beef at all — in fact, I don’t even think I’m being pissy so much as I’m just wondering aloud what the big deal is about Lady Gaga. This dance was clearly choreographed, but has all the skill and complexity of something staged for a grade school talent show. Strippers dance better than this, y’know?

Anyways, skip to the 1:30 mark if you’re curious.


Thanks to Javy M. for sending this in.

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