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  • Axl Rosenberg

There’s a concept that people seem to have a hard time wrapping their heads around, and that concept is this: there are many different writers here at MetalSucks, and each of those writers is a different person and, as such, has his or her own opinion on various topics, and, consequently, does not always agree with his or co-workers’ stance on any given issue.

Case in point: Kylesa. Vince doesn’t get what the big deal is, Sammy and Bob love ’em to pieces, and I fall somewhere in between — I think they rock really, really hard, but I don’t think they’re the Second Coming or anything.

And we’ll all get a chance to argue lots and lots about them real soon — the band has announced an October 26 release date for their latest offering, Spiral Shadow. In fact, we can all start arguing right now: Invisible Oranges has posted footage of the band playing a new song on their current European tour. Watch it below.

I’ll go first: I think this song sounds potentially really, really awesome. Cosmo Lee says the riff reminds him of Nirvana; I know this is gonna sound weird, but it sounds to me like a way, way, way less irritating variation of Blink 182’s “What’s My Age Again?” Not that it matters… this is far superior to that. Some tribal drums, druggier speeds, and not-nasally vocals go a long way towards gaining some goodwill from me, y’know?

So… how do you feel about it?


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