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Say what you want about David Draiman — and buddah knows we’ve sure said a lot of things over the years — but you’ve got to hand it to the guy for being [surprisingly] one of the best spoken and most informed musicians in today’s heavy music scene.

Check out Part 2, below, of the recent video interview with Draiman conducted by Phil Freeman on his MSN metal blog in which Draiman speaks eloquently and cohesively about the role of religion in modern society, the holocaust, and the state of currently Israeli youth politics. Like woah, can you imagine Robb Flynn or Tom Araya (“dude… dude…”) or even someone like Jamey Jasta or Guy Kozywyk (two smart men in their own right) getting through an earnest conversation like this, or even wanting to? So, as much as it pains me to say it, bravo for Draiman for bringing important issues to the forefront of at least some of his fans’ minds.

Now, about those big cars and mansion you have while preaching for less oil consumption… Davey, we gotta talk about that.


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