Tour de Force


  • Axl Rosenberg

Nah, that doesn’t even make any sense! I just couldn’t think of a better headline to convey that The Acacia Strain have announced a tour with Terror, The Red Chord, and The Contortionist, to take place in October and November.

Actually, I’m not even sure I had to tell you that — we’ve gotten so many e-mails about it these past few days, it seems pretty clear that most of you know. In fact, the general message of those e-mails seemed to be something along the lines of, “Why the fuck haven’t you posted anything about this yet, you filthy fucking fucks?”, and the answer is, “We were hoping they’d announce dates so we could post the news and itinerary in one fell swoop.”

But there are still no dates and this tour is worth writing about twice. The Acacia Strain’s new album, Wormwood, is just terrific; Terror, like Hatebreed, are a band best experienced in a live setting; if you read MS regularly, you already know we’re retardedly huge fans of The Red Chord (the band on this bill I personally would be most excited to see, even though I just saw them on Summer Slaughter less than two weeks ago); and The Contortionist… well, I don’t know The Cortionist very well, but reader Hayden Nease is insistent that they’re awesome (E-mail sample: “The Contortionist. Seriously, The Contortionist. No, really, The Contortionist. sursly guize”), and “Flourish,” the new song they’re currently streaming on Noisecreep, certainly tickles me. So consider this an altogether killer bill.

While we wait for dates, here’s a video that The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett recently made for Metal Injection, in which he asks other bands/techs/fans/whatever, “What’s so cool about The Cool Tour?” You, Vincent. You’re what’s so cool about The Cool Tour!

Metal Injection also has some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot for The Acacia Strain’s new video, “The Hills Have Eyes.” Check that out here.


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