TOMORROW: MAIDEN SUCKSA couple of years ago we celebrated/mourned the release of Metallica’s Death Magnetic by turning ourselves into MetallicaSucks for a day, and having each member of the MS staff contribute a review, as well as other Metallica-related shenanigans.

We had a lot of fun doing that (and watching you all argue about it), and have wanted to do it again for some time… but rarely is an album as highly anticipated as Death Magnetic released.

But tomorrow, Iron Maiden’s The Final Frontier comes out in North America, and if the fifteenth (!) studio album from one of metal’s most legendary bands doesn’t qualify as “highly anticipated,” well, nothing does.

So we’re doing it again! Tomorrow will be all Maiden, all the time. We’ll have multiple reviews of The Final Frontier, so you can see that, no, we most certainly do not always agree here at MetalSucks; in addition, there will be lots of other Maiden-related goodness… including an AWESOME interview that The Austerity Program’s Justin Foley conducted with the legendary Derek Riggs!!!

So get stoked… for tomorrow, MAIDENSUCKS!!!

-Everyone at MetalSucks

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