• Axl Rosenberg

I was totally skeptical about Mose Giganticus — until I saw them live. They put on a really, really fun show. And in that regard, their new video, for “The Left Path,” is a smashing success: It portrays the band gradually winning over a room of jaded hipsters, which is exactly what I saw them do in Brooklyn earlier this summer.

But a big part of what won me over about Mose Giganticus was the use of the keytar by MG mastermind Matt Garfield (who is actually the only “real” member of the band — he writes and records everything, and guitarist Joe Smiley and drummer Dan Eppihimer are just live/touring members). ‘Cause the keytar rules, and more bands that aren’t Dream Theater or DragonForce (e.g., more bands that probably didn’t spend much of high school in a locker) need to use them. And, yes, Garfield does use a regular keyboard as well as the keytar, and maybe he even uses a regular keyboard for this song (I honestly can’t remember), which would make the use the keytar in the clip “dishonest.” But whatever… sometimes you gotta take dramatic license for the sake of awesomeness, dude!!!

In any case, I still dig this song a whole bunch.

Mose Giganticus’ Relapse debut, Gift Horse, is out now. The band is touring right now, and you should totally check ’em out, and throw your panties at the stage when Garfield whips out his mighty keytar. Get tour dates here.



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