What the...??


  • Axl Rosenberg

When I saw Megadeth a few weeks ago, the band sounded great — but Dave Mustaine’s vocals sounded about as appealing as the idea of watching a porno flick starring Billy Milano and Snooki.

So now Noisecreep has debuted the below clip from the band’s forthcoming DVD, Rust in Peace Live, and… Dave’s vocals sound just peachy.

So what happened? Video footage I’ve seen of Megadeth from this entire American Carnage tour suggest that Dave wasn’t just having an off-night when I saw him. Is he having an off-entire tour? Or did he pull a Kiss and go back and clean up these live recordings after the fact? Hm…

Here’s the clip of “Holy Wars” from Rust in Peace Live

…and here’s the band doing the same song as part of the Big Four mini-tour in late June. Note that Dave’s voice sounds, uh, different than it does in the above clip.

Recklessly speculate on the cause of this fluctuation of Dave’s vocal quality in our comments section.


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