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white wizzardEither Jon Leon’s ass is constantly emitting horrible smelling farts or the guy is really difficult to get along with… because according to this Craigslist ad, sent in to us by multiple sources, California trad metallers White Wizzard are looking for their fourth singer in just two years.

For those unfamiliar, the story goes something like this (and please pardon me if I miss some details — there’s a lot to keep track of). Bassist Jon Leon founded White Wizzard in 2007 with the lineup that would record what would eventually become the High-Speed GTO EP, released as a self-titled EP in 2008 and re-released by Earache in 2009. But by the time Earache put out the EP the lineup was completely different, and as I understand it the dudes whose pictures appeared on the album liner notes weren’t even the dudes who played on the record (except for Leon and possibly one other guy). The dudes who played on the record, however, had since gone on to form their own band, Holy Grail, now signed to Prosthetic Records.

The lineup whose photo appeared on the High-Speed GTO EP remained stable for some time, an eternity in White Wizzard years, and did a nationwide tour with Korpiklanni and Tyr. They also recorded the band’s debut full-length, the highly kick-ass Over The Top, released earlier this year. But shortly after the album came out guitarist Erik Kluiber and singer Wyatt Anderson were canned (or they left, depending on who you ask), leaving Leon scrambling to find new members for the band’s performance at the U.K.’s prestigious Download Festival. Thankfully he found Michael Gremio, formerly of Cellador to fill the vocalist spot, and Welsh guitarist Lewis Stephens to take over Kluiber’s vacant axe just in time.

And now, just two months later, apparently he’s looking for yet another new singer…. with a European tour looming in November. Yikers!!! So, aspiring singers, get on that horse — but be warned, Leon’s got some serious gas issues and you might not be able to stand being in a cramped rehearsal space and tight van for very long lest he eat a burrito beforehand. Too bad, ’cause the guy’s a great musician and songwriter!


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