Tour de Force


  • Axl Rosenberg

We first told you about The Acacia Strain’s fall headlining run with The Red Chord and The Contortionist a few weeks ago, and you certainly seemed excited by the news; so you should be stoked to know that there are now dates for that tour.

The tour, by the way, is called “To Catch a Predatour,” which has to be one of the best names for a tour I’ve ever heard. In fact, I can’t believe no one has ever used it up ’til now. If genius is, as they say, the simple idea that no one has ever thought of before, well, whomever thought of this is truly a genius, and I would like buy him a donut.

ANYWAY, this is gonna be a killer tour. Of course, I’ll have to drive to Poughkeepsie if I wanna see it, which means I probably won’t be seeing it. See, all you people who think we have anything to do with tour routing? We have less than no power when it comes to that shit, or I would have been on the phone hours ago demanding that someone schedule a NYC date.

Here’s the itinerary, courtesy Metal Underground:

10/29 Albany, NY – Northern Lights
10/30 Jermyn, PA – Elanor Rigby’s
10/31 Providence, RI – Lupo’s
11/1 Pittsburg, PA – Altar Bar
11/2 Springfield, VA – Jaxx
11/ 3 Wilmington, NC – The Soapbox
11/ 4 Spartanburg, SC – GZSC
11/5 Jacksonville, FL – Rain
11/ 6 West Palm Beach, FL – Ground Control
11/7 Tampa, FL – State Theatre
11/9 Birmingham, AL – Zyedeco
11/10 Nashville TN – Rocket Town
11/11 Louisville, KY – Headliners
11/12 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
11/13 Toledo, OH – Headliners
11/14 Windsor, ONT – Blind Dog
11/15 London, ON – Music Hall
11/16 Longeueil, QC – Salle Kekpart
11/17 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground
11/18 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place
11/19 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
11/20 Holyoke, MA – The Waterfront Tavern


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