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The MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys are going completely apeshit (ha!) over this one. Poo is being flung all about, they’re touching each others’ privates, and they’re screeching up a storm back there. Higgins told Axl and I through his Stephen Hawkings-like computerized voice machine that they’re not gonna stop unless we post about this band Enos that just came in through the MS inbox. So… this post.

Enos are a Brighton, UK-based metal band who take their name from the last chimpanzee the Americans sent into orbit during the space race. When he returned to earth from the journey — two orbits around Earth for a total of 50,892 miles over just 3 hours, 20 minutes and 59 seconds — people commented that he was ‘like a different chimp’. Taking this idea, Enos the band have produced an album based on the journey Enos the chimpanzee undertook, also collaborating with artists to create a comic book of the same story. In the band’s fictionalized account, while Enos was in space he discovered a worm hole which not only sent him back in time but also made him more intelligent.

Woah!! Easy to see why the MS Mansion Monkeys are all up in a tizzy — metal, a comic book, and an intelligent, space/time-traveling chimp? It’s like they discovered a stockpile of grade-A bananas back there.

Lucky for you, Enos have made their entire album AND comic available completely for free download. The tracks are also available in FLAC format on Enos’ Bandcamp page and are streaming there as well.


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