We’ve gotten a lot of e-mails these past few days about My Darkest Days’ video for “Porn Star Dancing.” I don’t know why the sudden interest in this clip — it’s been around for weeks, we just never posted about it before. In any case, the song and video feature guest appearances by Ludacris, Nickelback’s Chad Horseface (seriously, he looks like Sarah Jessica Parker with a goatee, and SJP looks like a horse), and… Mr. Zakk Wylde.

And people seem really, really put off by Wylde’s presence. One reader even declared that he was “losing respect” for Zakk. And I’m totally confused by all the outrage. Has no one else heard what Zakk has been doing for the past decade? Did everyone miss his guest spot with Dope? People are talking about this as though Picasso rose from the dead to design posters for Vampires Suck or something. I mean, it’s not like Zakk’s artistic credibility was still in good standing, y’know? This is just one more nail in the coffin that holds his coolness.

Hopefully your response to Jackyl’s new video, “She’s Not a Drug,” will be much warmer. It’s also a completely retarded video about strippers, but unlike the members of My Darkest Days, Jackyl can actually sing/play, aren’t following any stupid trends (seriously — Jackly have sounded more or less the same for twenty years now), and aren’t selling out or doing anything they haven’t done in the past. The strippers also look a lot less plastic to me, but maybe I’m just projecting ’cause I like the band and the song more.

“She’s Not a Drug” comes off of Jackyl’s latest, When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide, which is out now on Mighty Loud. If you haven’t read my interview with vocalist Jesse James Dupree, you should, ’cause that dude rules.


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