You should all know who the artist Vincent Castiglia is. Earlier this year, he collaborated with no less a legend than H.R. Giger on the album art for Triptykon’s Eparistera Daimones, and anyone who has the approval of Giger and Tom G. Warrior should be aces in your book. But in case that’s not enough proof of Castiglia’s metal cred for you, check this out: dude paints exclusively in his own blood. I can’t think of anything more metal.

Of course, Castiglia’s choice of materials would just be a gimmick if he wasn’t also really, really talented. Castiglia’s work is insanely detailed — you have to get right up close to really appreciate it — really beautiful, and really, really fucked up. And I mean that as high praise.

If you live in or near Toronto, Castiglia is getting his first Canadian exhibition, Sacrifices For The Sanguinary Age, from September 10 through October 10 at Meta Gallery. He’ll also be giving a talk at the gallery this Saturday, September 11, from 1 – 3 pm. Like I said, the guy’s work is really stellar, so if you’re in a position to go, you totally should. This is a rare moment when I wished I lived in Toronto.

To be put on the preview list for this exhibition or for further information, email Jody Polishchuk at [email protected]


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