• Axl Rosenberg

I guess I’m confused about what kinds of bands the magazine Classic Rock covers. I would assume that it was mostly, y’know, classic rock. And even though Opeth play a form of rock music and are certainly already pretty classic, when I think “classic rock,” I don’t usually think “Opeth.” Or am I just really that old, and it’s time for “Bleak” to start getting played right in between The Stones and Floyd on the radio?

Whatever. Classic Rock debuted the below clip of Opeth performing “Dirge for November” from their upcoming DVD/CD, In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. And while we already knew that the audio portion of this set was gonna be pretty good, but this is our first taste of the visual. My film geek complaint is that there’s too many long shots, or, at least, too much time spent holding those long shots; I’d rather spend more time on the stage with the band, ’cause I already know what they look like from far away. Still, it’s Opeth, so you can’t really go too wrong, y’know?

In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall comes out September 21 on Roadrunner.


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