I admit, Texas Hippie Coalition’s “Pissed Off and Mad About It” is pretty darn simple and honestly not all that interesting, and ultimately I agree with Axl that it’s pretty bad. But there’s something rather endearing about these fellas in their approach to their music. Like, you know there’s absolutely no pretense involved here; these guys are exactly who they say are in all their redneck glory. Sure, their music is starkly plain, the singer comes off as a bit of yarler and ultimately they’re kind of a watered down Hellyeah (who themselves are a watered down version of someone else) but there’s something that strikes me as just more honest about these guys, and they don’t rub me the wrong way the way Hellyeah do. And that singer; I just wanna give that guy a big hug!

Is that Tuvan throat singing around the 2:18 mark? The Blogronaut would be proud.

Watch the recently re-filmed video above courtesy of Noisecreep.


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