Metal in the Media


  • Axl Rosenberg

You think you have a monopoly on using metal to promote a Japanese car, Scion? No way! Now Honda is using Judas Priest’s “The Hellion” in a commercial for the 2011 model of the Odyssey. Between this and that cell phone commercial Rob Halford was in this summer, at least we know that The Metal God can afford a hot meal this month. I know a lot of you were worried about that.

The funniest part of this commercial — besides the minivan quickly turning into a panther, in case there was any doubt about the message the advertisers were trying to send — is that, near the end, there’s a video showing on the in-car television, and while it’s clearly meant to be a metal dude in the video, it’s not actually Halford or any other member of Priest. I guess there’s a limit to Honda’s licensing budget or something.


Thanks to William Corella Corella for the tip!

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