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the ocean - anthropocentric

You’ve waited patiently to hear music from Anthropocentric, the second and supposedly heavier of the two Ocean albums released this year. Wait no longer; Metal Blade has posted the full track “She Was the Universe” for you to listen to right here.

My first thoughts; it’s Oceany. What else would true fans and admirers of this amazing band really need to know? Is it heavier than the majority of the tunes on Heliocentric? Maybe a tad bit, but “lack of heavy” wasn’t really an issue for me with that album anyway. Most importantly “She Was the Universe” is a solid song that’s got all the elements you want from an Ocean song — heaviness, lightness; progressiveness, straight-forwardness; cerebralness, simplicity. Simply put, it’s really good.

So check it out already and let us know what you think. Anthropocentric comes out November 9th in the U.S., November 5th in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and November 8th in the rest of Europe. Pre-orders are available now and they’ve got the typically awesome packaging you’ve come to expect from this band.

ALSO: The Ocean are currently touring Europe with The Dillinger Escape Plan and Cancer Bats. We have it on good word that they’ve got an awesome tour booked for the U.S. in early 2011; hooray!

ALSO ALSO: You better believe MetalSucks will have the full album stream of Anthropocentric in advance of its release date. Holler!


Thanks: Ashley Lee

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