...And F*ck You Too


  • Axl Rosenberg

If you don’t, do not hit “play” on the below videos. I’m being serious. I don’t wanna see any bitching in the comments section that you weren’t warned — this shit is fucking awful, and is only to be listened to by people like me, people who often let their morbid curiosity get the best of them and/or are gluttons for punishment. ‘Cause we obviously get sent a lot of really atrocious “music” here at MetalSucks, but this is some truly next-level shit. This dude/girl/band/whatever the fuck it is can easily be considered visionaries of drekiness; they’ve completely revolutionized the game of ear rape.

If you’re still on-board with this, there’s more after the jump. But if you’re still on-board with this, your mommy probably didn’t hug you enough when you were young. Seek help.

Now everybody thank Alex Winney for sending us this band.


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