Playing jokes on Winds of Plague is funny. Playing jokes on whoever happens to be occupying the carousel wheel of interchangeable female keyboardists for Winds of Plague at any given time is even funnier.

The latest shenanigan comes from Periphery tour manager Justin Gosnell who decided to mess with current WoP keyboard seat-warmer Alana Potocnik on their summer tour with Fear Factory. It started with a picture of Justin’s spread ass cheeks set as the wallpaper on Alana’s phone, and since I don’t wanna ruin it for you I’ll just say it progressed from there. Watch:

I’m not sure I can get behind Justin’s claim that this is “the best tour prank of all-time,” but it’s a pretty good one. Supposedly some kids at the show thought it was real and it to WoP’s Wikipedia page, although it’s since been removed. Nice work!


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