Reunion Mania


  • Axl Rosenberg


I would accept an argument that Faith No More are the greatest band of all time. And if I wasn’t lucky enough to see them on their reunion tour (twice!), and then I read that the band had “announced the final date” of said reunion tour, I would probably cry. Like, a lot. It really seems kind of unbelievable that they didn’t end up doing a proper full U.S. tour, doesn’t it? As it stands, there are who even knows how many Faith No More fans who didn’t get to experience that magic that is FNM live in the 21st century.

But if you’re one of the poor bastards who didn’t get to see this most recent trek, fret not! Whereas some bands, like At the Gates, really do just reunite for one last hurrah, bassist Billy Gould has now said in an interview with Consequence of Sound that he believes Faith No More will ride again:

“I personally can’t see us not doing anymore shows again, I just don’t see it. There’s no point in not to do it. Why quit now? I think it’s just this tour…we did this tour and that’s what we decided to do. And we did it. We accomplished this goal, it worked out for all of us, and then we look at each other and say, ‘hey what do you want to do now?’ And I think that’s how it’s got to be.”

Now, obviously Gould is, in his own words, “just 20% of the band” (but really 25% — with all due respect to Jon Hudson, I would imagine his vote counts for a whole lot less than the other dudes in the group), and anything could happen. But Gould also strikes me as being a pretty reasonable dude — e.g., not an attention whore — so I feel like if he’s saying he thinks there will be more shows, he’s being honest. He thinks there will be more shows.

And I hope he thinks right! I would go see Faith No More again in a second. I don’t care what the ticket costs, just tell me when and where to be and I will get my ass there.

Read the rest of the interview here. There’s some really great stuff in, including a discussion of why it didn’t work out with Jim Martin, how the media hated Angel Dust, and the possibility of there being a new Faith No More studio album — a topic which Gould refers to as “the elephant in the room.”


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