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Somewhere, a satisfied school marm is smirking, “I told those Buckley boys if they weren’t careful they’d get into real trouble some day!”

So. Recently, I haven’t been paying as close attention to Twitter as perhaps I ought to. But I guess the dudes from Every Time I Die were were posting bogus re-tweets from celebrities in order to promote their new DVD, Shit Happens. Some examples, according to Lambgoat:

“RT @AndyDick i did the Jimmy Kimmel show w/ @evereytimeidie in 08, they’re cracking me up, get their dvd”

“RT @peeweeherman: New ETID DVD in stores 10/26! I sure hope they play THAT in a dark, seedy theater!”

“RT @JimmyFallon @everytimeidie this is brilliant, you guys need to come play my show to promote your new dvd!”

Well, hey, guess what? Some of these celebs — or, at least, their handlers — got wind of the little prank, and ETID is now facing legal action: The band has revealed via Twitter that they’ve received “seize [sic] and desist papers” (I assume they mean “cease and desist papers”), that “saying that most of those tweets were fake didn’t appease the celebs,” and that the band is “getting taken to court.”

Which, at least in our experience here at MetalSucks (where we’ve gotten more legal documents from angry lawyers than we care to admit), is unusual. Generally, you’re served cease and desist papers so that you CEASE and DESIST (see how that works?) — once you stop doing whatever it is that’s pissing whomever off, they leave you alone. For the parties in question to actually take ETID to court just seems weird.

Are the celebrities in question assuming that because Every Time I Die are a signed, recognized band, that they have money? ‘Cause I obviously don’t have access to ETID’s books, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess and that Kanye West, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Dick, Paul Reubens (that’s “Pee-wee Herman” to you), and whomever else is pissed at the band could probably already buy and sell them thirty times over. (Okay, maybe not Andy Dick. Still, I bet those News Radio SAG residuals really add up.)

So, yeah. Every Time I Die did something stupid — but it was CLEARLY a joke, and they’ve cut it out. And it’s hard for me to imagine that anyone, be it an ETID fan or an Andy Dick fan (does he still have any fans?), really believed these “endorsements” anyway. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and the band can put this nonsense behing them. In the meantime, at least they’re having fun poking the bee-hive. This is my personal favorite of their tweets to emerge since the whole ordeal began:



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