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About a year ago I heard a terrible rumor that Genghis Tron were breaking up. Even though the source was reputable, I didn’t run anything about it ’cause, well, the band had just started an Australian tour, so it seemed like if they were breaking up, they were going about it all wrong.

But it’s been almost three years since the release of GT’s last album, the brilliant Board Up the House, and we haven’t heard any news from the band in awhile. Now the band has posted an update on their MySpace page, and while the good news is that they’re apparently not done, the bad news is that they are one of those “indefinite hiatus” things.

Here’s the update from the band:

Hey everybody,

Things have been pretty quiet for Genghis Tron recently, which has led some folks to ask us if we’re breaking up. Well, we definitely aren’t breaking up, but we have decided to take some time away from the band.

It will be a while before we release another record — and probably even longer before we play shows. However, this was the best thing we could do to make sure that GT keeps writing some real toe-tappers. Whenever we come back, it will probably be pretty weird and really good.

Thanks for all of the support,

–Mookie,Michael, and Hamilton

AHHHH… this makes me so unhappy. I mean, I’m glad ’cause I believe them when they say they’ll get back together eventurally, but sad because I’m an impatient brat and I WANT A NEW GENGHIS TRON ALBUM NOW, DAMN IT.

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Thanks to “Jick Rames” for bumming us out.

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