Green Eggs and Slam



Me BIG PIMPIN with a couple of my biatches at school lol, not everybody who listens to metal is a nerd!

Hey guys what’s up, thanks to Axle and Vince from Metal Sucks (link to their site) for letting me introduce myself to you guys!  I am a Junior in High School at Canyon Ridge High in Hesperia California, and pretty much just getting into metal. My uncle introduced me to these psyhcos of metal, he was in “Axle”s wedding (Axel isn’t his real name haha but I’m not telling you what his real name is you will have to find out!) and he has always been into metal, so I guess it runs in the family that we like Metal! I have been listening to metal of all kinds for like a year and a half now but I know there are a lot of bands I should check out but don’t know about and wanted to ask you guys for some ideas about what bands you think I should check out. I know you all are the experts lol!

BTW I only have dial-up 56K internet so I can’t use MySpace, Youtube, or BitTorrid or any of that so if you can just tell me stuff to buy that is what I’m looking for. My town doesn’t have a Hot Topics but they have a lot of stuff at Walmart so anything they have there they should also have at Walmart.

I like pretty much anything that is cool and heavy, so if there is anything you guys think I should check out just let me know (you can send an email to the comments and I will see it when I look at this), here is what metal bands I already like:

Last summer I worked at a print shop one of the guys there was always listening to these guys so its like old times for me! He smoked so much weed I think that like half of the time he was awake he was high on weed lol

If Suiside Silence has a concert you should definately go, there were so many hot ass biches there!! LOL I think they are all trying to get on the singers nutz. I think hes gay haha, whatevs tho they are brutal as f*** if he is gay its weird but I would like them anyway

Haha this isn’t a video this is me getting crazy with Megean she wants my sexy body!!!

haha j/k but theres this emo girl in my Contemporary World Issues class who is like “OMG OMG I SEE STARS” all the time and I told her I liked them bc she has some big tittays lol and probably is DTF anybody who likes emo music

Im trying out for football next year me and my friend Todd are doing P90x to get in shape, he brought this in the other day for ‘CORE STRENGTH DAY” we did like 25 reps on the sqwat machine and just had this CD playing on his iPod for the whole period

HELLYEAH haha! Big guys know how to party lol its the COWYBOY WAY

Um yah well it was nice to meet you guys haha, if you have any cool and heavy bands you think I should check just say them in the guestbook or email the comments for me to write them down. I have been listening to metal since I was a sophomore but I want to know about a lot more bands so just let me know, and if you want to hang out and get BIG PIMPIN just hit me up on Facebook and say wats up!!!!

-Sergeant D.

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